marți, 24 mai 2011

Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) - Bob Dylan Blues

Got the Bob Dylan blues
And the Bob Dylan Shoes
And my clothes and my hair's in a mess
But you know I just couldn't care less

Goin' to write me a song
Bout' what's right and what's wrong
Bout' god and my god and all that
Quiet while I make like a cat

Cause I'm a poet
Don't ya know it
And the wind, you can blow it
Cause I'm Mr. Dylan, the king
And I'm free as a bird on the wing

Roam from town to town
Guess I get people down
But I don't care too much about that
Cause my gut and my wallet are fat

Make a whole lotta dough
But I deserve it though


I've got soul and a good heart of gold
So I'll sing about war in the cold

Chorus (see above):

Well I sing about dreams
And I rhymes it with seems
Cause it seems that my dream always means
That I can prophesy all kinds of things

Well the guy that digs me
Should try hard to see
That he buys all my discs and a hat
And when I'm in town go see that

Chorus (see above):

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4 comentarii:

  1. Bianca Dobrescu

    pentru toată generaţia tânără reprezentată şi prin tine: :))) !

  2. rux ces

    N-am ştiu nimic de piesa asta, în urma unor căutări (care de cele mai multe ori denaturează chiar însăşi căutarea ), am dat din nimereală de această piesă, cei doi oricum sunt semizei ai muzicii contemporane: am dorit doar să-i amintesc!

    :) Nu pot să nu vă zâmbesc :) !


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