miercuri, 13 februarie 2013

Paul Rumsey - message



I am happy for you to use my drawings, and I am pleased to see that someone has taken the time to look and understand the subjects.

The Egypt drawing began as a detail in a larger drawing called 'Dream of De Quincey', which was inspired by a passage in the book "Confessions of an English Opium Eater", where De Quincey describes his dream ..... 
"I was buried, for a thousand years, in stone coffins, with mummies and sphinxes, in narrow chambers at the heart of eternal pyramids."
You can see here... 


And then a few years later I took this detail and made a picture from it.

Best regards,

This message was sent after I ask for permission, for copyrights. :)

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  1. goyesc & brueghellian, dar și magrittian (pe alocuri) - a se vedea Strategists.

    cu impact, oricum.

  2. Avem Goya la Timișoara (până la sfârșitul lunii), am să revin săptămâna viitoare cu această temă, căci mâine la ora asta cred că voi fi pe schiuri. :)


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